Why Go Solar

Making a difference for the environment has never been easier or more affordable.


Save Money

As electricity prices continue to rise, we make it easy to save with every sunrise. We're combining innovative technology with the universe's oldest energy source--the Sun. You can enjoy locked-in rates with your solar power system. Our team works around the clock (at no additional costs) to ensure the most-efficient system for your home so you maximize savings. 1

1Savings based on regular solar lease pricing versus applicable utility rates. Utility rates are subject to change, and savings, utility bill amounts and actual returns may vary depending on location, electricity usage, system production and utility rates.


It's Easy

Going solar isn't just rays of sunshine. It's also a breeze for you. We cover it all. We install your system for $0 down in most locations2, and we monitor and maintain it around the clock at no additional charge. Furthermore, if something were to happen, your system is covered under warranty, which is outlined in our agreement. Your home's future is bright--and simplified.

2Down payment may be required in certain utility service areas. Visit nrghomesolar.com/zerodown for details.

Install Process

Better Tomorrow

One person’s choice can create a positive change for many. When you choose clean solar energy, you’re not only taking control of your home's energy, but you’re also making a positive difference for the next generation. You can make an impact by harnessing the sun to combat greenhouse gas emissions. The time has never been better to make steps toward a cleaner future for all. Together, we can transition to a more sustainable, cleaner world that is powered by renewable energy.

Our Mission