Massachusetts has some of the most expensive electricity in the United States. More than half of the state's energy comes from natural gas, and another 25 percent comes from coal. Massachusetts residents paid 14 percent more than the national average for electricity in February 2013, with a cost of 14.8 cents per kWh compared to the U.S. average of 12.9 cents.

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Electricity prices have risen by 2.9 percent, and with the current electricity problem, these prices are expected to rise steadily in coming years. The only smart solution is solar roof panels for homes and businesses, which harvest energy from the sun and deliver it to your home as electricity. Many people are surprised to learn that solar power is as efficient as it is, but consider the fact that enough sunlight hits our planet every minute to satisfy the Earth's energy needs for an entire year.

We can always count on the sun, as this is one source of energy that will never fall short. By choosing NRG Home Solar for your Massachusetts solar installation, you can lock in the price of energy today and for the next 20 years. For families on a budget, what can be better than knowing what your energy bill will cost for the next two decades?

NRG Home Solar affords local residents the ability to take advantage of solar power in Massachusetts at an affordable price, giving them more control over their energy consumption. With more states promoting the use of cleaner, renewable sources of energy, you can anticipate that residential solar roofing will be an asset to your home, your family and the planet.

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