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Did you know that Long Island homeowners pay nearly 57 percent more for electricity than the nationwide average? Don't expect these prices to fall any time soon. Over the past ten years, electricity prices have increased by 100 percent. Long Island homeowners consistently pay more than the national average for electricity, and the difference is quite startling. On average, residents pay 47 to 57 percent more than other U.S. cities.

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What are home and business owners doing to combat the high increase in electricity prices? Many are looking toward the future: residential roof solar panels. These panels are placed on the roof of a home or business and use the sun's energy to provide the home or building with energy. Unlike electricity prices from your utility, solar energy costs have decreased by 72 percent over the past eight years.

There are valid concerns surrounding the electricity crisis, and it will begin to affect more people. Long Island solar energy, on the other hand, is plentiful and comes from our greatest resource: the sun. Consider that the sun produces enough light in one minute to fulfill the energy needs of our planet for an entire year. Now that's something to get excited about!

NRG Home Solar enables Long Island, NY, residents to utilize solar power without making a huge investment. With cost-effective options and the ability to lock in the price for energy today, a solar panel installation is the cleaner, more affordable and better way to consume energy.

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