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What is NRG Home Solar's solar commitment?

NRG Home Solar will adhere to all of the terms outlined in the solar lease you'll hold with our company. These terms include insuring the system against loss or damage, providing you with a guaranteed amount of electricity, and assisting you in transferring the system or purchasing the system from NRG at the end of the term.*

How long is the NRG Home Solar lease?

Your NRG Home Solar lease is a 20-year promise – providing you with a solar lifestyle, performance guarantee, little to no upfront costs, convenient finance terms, and options to purchase the system if desired.

What happens at the end of the lease?

This lease will expire at the end of the finance term, unless you elect to renew it. You have the right to renew this lease once, for a period of five (5) years, so long as you meet NRG Home Solar's credit requirements.
If NRG Home Solar or the homeowner fail to take any action after the lease has ended, ownership transfers to the homeowner after 90 days.

What happens if I sell my home?

The NRG Home Solar lease makes this easy: You can transfer your solar installation to the new homeowner, as long as the new homeowner qualifies and agrees to assume the lease. There are other options available as well – such as buying the system outright and transferring it with the home.

Do I need to insure the solar installation?

No. NRG Home Solar is the sole owner and insures the system against all loss or damage, unless the damage is caused by intentional or negligent acts of the homeowner. The homeowner is required to carry a normal homeowner's insurance policy and must notify the insurance company of the solar installation.

What about damage to the solar installation (hail, lightning, other)?

We cover any damage to the system, as long as it is not intentional or damaged as a result of homeowner negligence.

What maintenance is required?

Your solar installation has no moving parts and thus requires minimal maintenance. NRG Home Solar monitoring programs actively monitor your system and will most likely be aware of any required maintenance issues before you notice them yourself.

Does NRG Home Solar provide a warranty for anything other than the solar equipment?

NRG Home Solar provides a workmanship warranty for the solar installation and manages all equipment warranties for the life of the lease. This includes the warranty on the quality of materials, all roof penetrations during installation and removal, and the performance of the system.

What happens if the solar panel manufacturer goes out of business? Will you warranty my panels?

Yes. Your solar panels will be warrantied for the entire term of the lease for you, in the event that the situation described above occurs.
* System performance subject to roof tilt, roof material, roof azimuth and surrounding objects causing shade. System performance will be evaluated on an annual basis. If the annual evaluation indicates that the system does not meet the guaranteed performance expectations, a homeowner will either receive a Performance Credit on their invoice or will be sent a check from NRG Home Solar, as defined in the Limited Warranty.

A dual-register meter beyond the Smart Meter is required to measure consumption and generation. The customer's home generation system must be connected to the grid by their TDSP to receive monthly payments for their surplus generation. The customer must be located in a competitive ERCOT market.

Consult your sales representative for details to determine if you are eligible for the $0 down option. Eligibility determined by NRG Home Solar in its sole discretion. NRG Home Solar may discontinue offering a $0 down option at any time without prior notice.

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