Robert Kennedy Jr. goes solar with NRG Home Solar

When Robert Kennedy Jr. moved to his Malibu, California home he wanted to put solar panels on his roof as quickly as possible.

“We have a big household – we have seven children. My kids always have friends here so there is a lot going on at this house and there is substantial energy used.”

There were several reasons he wanted to go solar.

“You’re doing something for your country, you are doing something for your children and you’re doing something for yourself because you’re saving a lot of money.”

Kennedy reached out to NRG Home Solar to handle the job and said they made the process easy.

Because the cost of solar has plummeted in recent years, Kennedy believes more people should make the move to solar energy.

“We’ve seen drops in solar prices over the past eight years in this country of about 80 percent. It’s good for so many different points of view and it’s the beginning of a virtuous cycle.”

He believes when one family goes solar others are often inspired to do the same.

“The more people who decide to pioneer these systems in their own neighborhoods the quicker the pace of adaptation.”


“In the global warming arena we need to put solar everywhere. If you can do solar it’s not just good for you economically, it’s, I would say, even a moral obligation to our children because we don’t want to destroy the planet.”

Kennedy hopes more people put solar panels on their homes.

“If you want to be patriotic don’t show me the American flag in your driveway. Show me the solar panels on your roof.”

NRG Home Solar provided courtesy system to RFK Jr. Opinions are his own. NRG Home Solar installs solar panels on homes in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.