Home is where the sun is

The numbers stack up nicely: Three Staten Island homes, three rooftops, 62 solar panels and 19,236kW of projected energy generated each year. All three newly-solar-powered homes are neighbors, and they all switched to solar power with NRG Home Solar on the same day.

But what do the numbers really mean, and how do they translate into energy savings? We’re glad you asked. (Even though—technically—we’re the ones that asked.)

In just one day the three solar installations could generate:

Enough solar energy to light each home for more than 3 months. And don’t forget – turn the lights off when you leave a room to save even more energy. It just takes the flip of a switch, literally.


Enough solar energy to transform your questionable leftovers into less-questionable leftovers via the microwave. Say you reheat a meal for an average of two minutes. That means you could heat those leftovers for 1,080 days. (But be sure to check the expiration date before eating leftovers that are nearly three years old.)


Enough solar energy to keep your TV on for 180 days. Binge watching just got an entirely new definition.


The three solar installations could produce enough power in one week to keep that beloved laptop going for 2 straight years. Now you can feel less guilty about those endless cat videos.


Pretty cool, huh? Our stats are based off just 62 panels on 3 average homes, so think about what your neighborhood could do. Are you ready to join the clean energy revolution?