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Solar - Long Island NY

Fortunately, there’s a better option:
solar energy.

Did you know that Long Island, New York residents pay nearly 57 percent more for electricity than the nationwide average? Don’t expect these prices to fall any time soon, if ever. Over the past ten years, electricity has increased by 100 percent. Long Island residents consistently pay more than the national average for electricity, but the difference is quite startling. On average, residents pay 47 to 57 percent more than other cities in the United States.

What are homeowners and business owners doing to combat the high increase of electricity? More consumers are looking toward the future: residential roof solar panels. These panels are placed on the rooftop of a home or business and use the sun’s energy to provide the home or building with energy. Unlike electricity that has gone up 100 percent, solar energy cost has decreased by 72 percent over the past eight years.

There are valid concerns surrounding the electricity crisis, and it will begin to affect more people. Long Island solar energy on the other hand is plentiful and comes from our greatest resource, the sun. Consider that the sun produces enough light in one minute to fulfill the energy needs of our planet for an entire year. Now that’s something to get excited about!

NRG Home Solar, premier New York solar installers, enable Long Island residents to utilize solar power without making a huge investment. With cost-effective options and the ability to lock in the price for energy today, a solar panel installation is the cleaner, cheaper and better way to consume energy.

"My husband and I were nervous about going solar...The bottom line became, we couldn't find a reason NOT to go solar. Boy are we happy we went ahead."
JoAnne G. - Manasquan, NJ
"So excited to get my new solar system on my house. $0 out of pocket and I am getting cheaper electric for the next 20 years!"
Marty V. - Garden City, NY
“Solar gave me a chance to take control of my own power. I am happy to say, I know exactly how much my energy will cost now and over the next two decades!”
Joyce P. - Elmira, NY
"...I am happy I was able to to put a solar system on our home for $0 out of pocket. I am confident that when we market our home, the system will be an asset for the sale."
Joe N. - Sea Girt, NJ
"NRG Home Solar made going solar easy! He made it easy and affordable. If you have a good house then this is an easy decision."
Tony - Haverhill, MA
"Having a brother who lives in California, I was well aware of the electricity problem we have in our country. Frankly, the opportunity to go solar without a major investment was a great surprise."
Champ G. - Plattsburgh, NY
"After reviewing the changes in my electric bills over the past decade, I could not believe that I pay more than twice what I paid 10 years ago."
Mark S. - Manalapan, NJ
"We had several solar companies come to our home to provide quotes ... NRG Home Solar made the process so easy! Going with a solar roof is the best home improvement we completed."
Amanda L. - Worcester, MA

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