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Fortunately, there’s a better option:
solar energy.

Connecticut’s electric rates are higher than most other states, which is nothing out of the ordinary for the New England territory. Connecticut consistently sticks around the number two spot for most expensive electric rates, following only Hawaii. While numbers change regularly, the most recent recorded data shows Connecticut pays nearly 50 percent more for their electricity than the national average, with rates around 20.8 cents compared to the national average of 13.7 cents, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To add insult to injury, it’s hard to get a solid response as to why the small state of Connecticut has to pay such high costs for their electricity. Some ideas have included the structure of the electric industry, a tight market and environmental standards. Yet all states have various factors that affect the cost of electricity, but Connecticut and its fellow New England states can’t catch a break. It seems that electricity is just expensive and will stay that way.

Fortunately, residents don’t have to be reliant on energy companies that continue to raise prices without any explanation. Residents have a much better option: solar energy.

NRG Home Solar, one of the premier Connecticut solar companies, is working with homes and businesses in the state to install solar panels, lower energy costs and reduce carbon footprints. It’s a great experience that’s leaving residents and business owners with a smile on their face. Thanks to government rebates, grants and incentives, now is a great time to consult with CT solar roofing companies. This clean energy is efficient, dependable and affordable, and you can finally part ways with grid electricity.

If you aren’t sold yet, consider this: You can lock in your rate for energy with solar companies in Connecticut TODAY. That means no more spikes in your electric bill; no more surprises “just because.” Your bill, your way, every month. Now why wouldn’t you want to go solar?

"Having a brother who lives in California, I was well aware of the electricity problem we have in our country. Frankly, the opportunity to go solar without a major investment was a great surprise."
Champ G. - Plattsburgh, NY
“Solar gave me a chance to take control of my own power. I am happy to say, I know exactly how much my energy will cost now and over the next two decades!”
Joyce P. - Elmira, NY
"After reviewing the changes in my electric bills over the past decade, I could not believe that I pay more than twice what I paid 10 years ago."
Mark S. - Manalapan, NJ
"NRG Home Solar made going solar easy! He made it easy and affordable. If you have a good house then this is an easy decision."
Tony - Haverhill, MA
"So excited to get my new solar system on my house. $0 out of pocket and I am getting cheaper electric for the next 20 years!"
Marty V. - Garden City, NY
"We had several solar companies come to our home to provide quotes ... NRG Home Solar made the process so easy! Going with a solar roof is the best home improvement we completed."
Amanda L. - Worcester, MA
"My husband and I were nervous about going solar...The bottom line became, we couldn't find a reason NOT to go solar. Boy are we happy we went ahead."
JoAnne G. - Manasquan, NJ
"...I am happy I was able to to put a solar system on our home for $0 out of pocket. I am confident that when we market our home, the system will be an asset for the sale."
Joe N. - Sea Girt, NJ

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